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 The Sega Genesis From Hell 2.0

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PostSubject: The Sega Genesis From Hell 2.0   Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:16 am

Recently I've put together in my opinion is the "ultimate sega genesis". This system's built out of a number of different pieces of hardware. First we have the genesis itself, it's a model 1 va6 american pcb. I installed a switch that lets me switch the system between japan and american regions (I didn't bother with europe). Since I'm using a japanese case I removed the physical lockout system so I can insert american cartridges and play. And I recently upgraded the s-video circuit to my revised s-video mod:


I installed a s-video head in the back so I can play master system games in beautiful s-video. I also have the rgbs signals from the av port wired into a header so I didn't have to buy extra cables for my 32x or anything else that would need the rgb from the system. The case and controllers are from the japanese model 1 megadrive because they look a lot better.

Sitting on top of the genesis is an american 32x. The 32x has been s-video modded with my new revised s-video circuit that outputs the best looking 32x / genesis s-video I've ever seen:


I removed the av output port in the 32x and installed a s-video output port where the av port used to be. I widened the slot so I can also insert my import megadrive games. Luckily the region switch on the genesis works for playing import genesis games through the 32x.

And last but not least we have my newest installment, the mega everdrive. The mega everdrive is currently the baddest and most hardcore megadrive flash cart money can buy. The mega everdrive can support massive sized roms, it will run 32x roms, genesis roms, and even master system roms, and it loads everything in about 1-2 seconds. Also the mega everdrive loads the rom images into ram memory so it'll basically last forever.

Now for some eye-candy:

How master system games look from my revised cxa1145 s-video mod:

Here's the perfect looking s-video that comes out of the 32x for 32x and genesis games:

Things I'll consider for the future: Creating a nice label for the case of my mega everdrive (it didn't come with a proper label on the case), installing an external rgb to component / vga / hdmi / whatever signal circuit. I've already ordered a rgb to component encoder that is known to work perfectly with the genesis.
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The Sega Genesis From Hell 2.0
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