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 SNES Complete (the best audio and video upgrades)

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PostSubject: SNES Complete (the best audio and video upgrades)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:12 am

This started out as a stock snes jr console that I got for a fair price on ebay. Both the audio and video circuits have been bypassed and rebuilt with superior circuits that noticably improve both the audio and video quality. I'm going to be making and posting videos from this machine soon. I installed a nes power jack on the back because I needed to feed the system more power to be able to properly run all the extra hardware stuffed under the hood. I'm using a model 1 sega genesis power brick plugged into the nes jack since that brick gives me 1.2 amps instead of the 0.85 amps that a normal snes brick outputs. This machine also has digital audio wired up I just would need to install a port on the back for it if I ever feel like using digital audio.
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SNES Complete (the best audio and video upgrades)
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