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 Super FX Devcart 3.0

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PostSubject: Super FX Devcart 3.0   Mon May 20, 2013 3:13 pm

What does it run? Everything and anything. 4, 8, 16 mbit eproms. The superfx chip is the gsu-2-sp1. I installed a 512k ram chip that overclocks faster than other ram chips and restored the address line needed to get 512k of ram instead of 256k. There's a four pin header on the back with connectors for 5v, ground, the original 21.4 mhz clock (pin 1 of the cartridge connector) and the clock line that feeds directly into the superfx chip if I ever feel like plugging in an oscillator for overclocking. This cart plays super fx original roms or romhacks of any size up to 16 mbits at either default or various overclocked speeds. The save battery has been socketed for easy swapping. The eprom socket is standard 4 / 8 mbit eprom wiring, the extra pin connector is the extra address line needed for a 16 mbit adapter.

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Super FX Devcart 3.0
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