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 The Turbo Everdrive

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PostSubject: The Turbo Everdrive   The Turbo Everdrive EmptyMon Jul 23, 2012 9:00 am

I've been posting a lot of pc engine mods lately. The whole reason I'm upgrading the pc engine is because of this wonderful product called the turbo everdrive:

The Turbo Everdrive Turboeverdrivenice


The only thing that stopped me from getting a pc engine before is the fact that hucards look to me like they're fragile and easy to break. Having a flash device that's always plugged into the machine means I won't ever have to worry about breaking anything!

For anyone who's curious about the quality of these flash devices they're pretty great. I bought the mega everdrive which is another product by krikzz who makes all the everdrives:


I bought the mega everdrive from the retrogate store because I like their website and they're in the ukraine which is where krikzz is:


Also here's krikzz's main website so you can see all of his excellent flash devices:


These flash devices are extremely user friendly, have a very nice menu that's easy to use, and they offer nothing but the best in convenience. If you ever find a bug with your device you can post the issue on the everdrive support forum and krikzz will fix the issue when he updates the software. The operating system on these devices runs off of the usb stick that contains the game data so updating the operating system is quite easy.
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The Turbo Everdrive
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