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 Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l]

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Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l] Empty
PostSubject: Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l]   Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l] EmptyMon Apr 22, 2013 12:23 pm

Zer0-2k11's Mod-chip, installs and premods

Located In Toronto, Canada. Prices are in Canadian dollars. Will Ship Worldwide.

Just shoot me a pm with your order.

Don't see what your looking for thats related to console modding/repair?, let me know i might be able to stock it

Chips And Accessories (Diagram's/Tutorial's for chips/mods will be sent via "PM" when the order is shipped.)


5$ Mod-chip with your choice in code, Pre-wired and color coded. (In stock!)

Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l] Th_PS1_zps6fe3d660

Here are the best codes based on your console's model and region.

MM3 = SCPH-5xxx to scph-10x (Full Stealth, Does not work with SCPH-102 PAL model. Jap consoles need Import player for Import Games).
MM2 = SCPH-100x Series (Partial Stealth, Doesnt not provide stealth on the SCPH-1000 PU-7 Jap board).
Stealth 2.8a = SCPH 1000 Jap PU-7 Board (Partial Stealth)
ONEChip = SCPH-102 (PAL). (Comes with some wire "NTSC Color FIX" for proper NTSC color display)

Let me know which model and region your console is so i have the right chip ready for your model and region (It's Located on the bottom of the console).

$8.50 Modbo 4.0 v1.93. (In stock!)

Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l] Th_72dc5748-67a6-4f94-8f20-de479a78a4ea_zps50a06f43

Nintendo 64
RGB Kit (Coming Soon!)

$8 XenoGC v2.0 for chip only. (In stock!)
$9 XenoGC v2.0 W/ perfect slide switch for the region switch mod (Recommended for proper japanese language display and proper memory card saving fuction). (In stock!)

Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l] Th_3a8cb065-9316-4a37-a290-c330ab24b658_zps6cf8e35c

Xbox 1.
9.50$ Aladdin XT PLUS2 v4032 (Comes with Pin Header). (In stock!)

Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l] Th_51546554-0063-470e-8f6a-ff6999875a04_zps45f71c04


$3 Dreamcast Region Free Bios (Compatible with VA1/VA2 Dreamcast's only) (In stock!)

Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l] Th_3f6e609b-3e48-488c-87ac-c91e83dc62f7_zpsee0d6559

Ideal for
- Adding the MIL-CD exploit into your VA2 Dreamcast
- Direct playback of Imported Retail Dreamcast games (True region free, No need for boot discs, turning the console off etc.)

Your choice in which startup animation you would want your dreamcast to have, let me know when placing your order
- Katana Dev-Kit Start-Up Animation
- Retail (Original) Start-Up Animation

Sega Saturn

$4 Sega Saturn Region Free Bios (SMD Version, Open your console to see which version you have). (In Stock!)

Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l] Th_6f139c30-429a-4d1d-9d90-23b4c5ef560a_zpscda2de01

$5 Sega Saturn Region Free Bios (DIP Version, Open your console to see which version you have). (In Stock!)

The advantages to having a Saturn region free bios installed in your saturn are
- Frees up your Cartridge Expansion slot for external memory cards, original ram carts etc. (No need for action replay carts)
- Direct Retail Import playback, No need for any import player carts etc.
- Patch-Free Import backups, No need to patch your iso's anymore, just download Your iso, burn and play

Your choice in which bios/startup animation you would want for your saturn.
Japanese Bios V1.01
USA Bios V1
European Bios V1
V-Saturn v1.01 (Untested, not guaranteed to work with other saturns beside the V-Saturn)

Shipping Cost for chips only
2$ - Canada (Estimated Shipping Time - 2 to 5 Business days)
3$ - USA (Estimated Shipping Time - 4 to 6 business days)
4$ - International (Estimated Shipping time - 4 -7 business days)

Installation Service. (Chip is included in price, Tracking and Insured shipping must be used for return shipping. NTSC consoles only. Please note if i did not receive your console because you didnt use insured shipping i will *NOT* be held responsible.)
$15 + Return Shipping, PS1 Modchip
$20 + Return Shipping, Aladdin XT
$25 + Return Shipping, XenoGC (Will Adjust POT for proper mini DVD-R playback. Price includes region switch mod, if you want it done just let me know when you make your order)
$35 + Return Shipping, PS2 Modbo 4.0 (Install's for v4-v16 only. Laser Fixes are free with the service.)
$10 + Chip + Return Shipping, Sega Saturn Modchip Install (Your choice in which shop and chip.)

Pre-modded Consoles (All pre-modded consoles for sale are in NTSC-U/C Format, Insured shipping must be used)

Pre-modded PS1's (Coming Soon!)

$45 + Shipping. Phat PS1 (SCPH-7501 - Has the Parallel I/O lid) modded with a MM3 chip and New Laser Assembly with a metal spindle hub, Comes With AC/AV Cables, Official Dual Shock Controller (No Memory Card).

Pre-modded PS2's (In Stock!)

80 + Shipping (25$ for Canada, 35$ for USA.) Mint condition V9 PS2 (Romeo Laser Fixed) Pre-modded with Modbo 4.0 v1.93 , Comes with original AC/AV Cables and a Official Black 8MB PS2 Memory Card (No controller).

65 + Shipping. Good condition (Has some wear on it) V7 PS2 modded with a Modbo 4.0 v1.93 , Comes with original AC/AV Cables (No Controller or Memory Card).
(Picture Will be up soon)

Pre-modded Gamecube's (Out of stock - Send a request via PM)

Pre-modded Xbox 1's (In stock!)
$50 + Shipping. Xbox 1 Pre-modded with Aladdin XT Plus2. Has a chip on the lines on the case, Has high pitched loading sounds... so it might need a new drive but it works.
Comes With AC/AV Cables, 1 Official Big Controller (No Memory Card).
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Zer0-2k11's modchips,installs and premods [Canada->Int'l]
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