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 Rockman 2 revival

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Rockman 2 revival Empty
PostSubject: Rockman 2 revival   Rockman 2 revival EmptyThu Jan 26, 2012 1:03 pm

A while ago my first rockman 2 famicom cartridge died on me. I got this cart for 15$ shipped from ebay years ago so it was no big loss. I decided to have a bit of fun with this cart since maskrom chips are pretty much impossible to kill. Doug gave me a list of nes games that use the same type of pcb as rockman 2. The cheapest game I found from that list was 720:

Rockman 2 revival 720whatever

Rockman 2 revival 720pcb

720 is one of the worst games I've ever played....it's horrible. Thusly I removed the maskrom from the 720 pcb:

Rockman 2 revival Desoldered

The maskrom sitting above the pcb is the maskrom of rockman 2 that I desoldered from my dead rockman 2 cart ages ago. The 720 maskrom is only 28 pin and the rockman 2 maskrom is 32 pin but there still were extra holes on the pcb to support 32 pin maskroms. I soldered the rockman 2 maskrom into the 720 pcb:

Rockman 2 revival Soldered


Rockman 2 revival Itlives

It works perfectly Very Happy

This cart works perfectly on the rgb modified systems too. I removed the 720 label and doug printed me a rockman 2 label that I'm waiting to show up. Thanks to using a 6$ 720 cart I've brought my dead rockman 2 back to life and made it run on the nes without the need to use an adapter. 🆒

R.I.P. Rockman 2 PCB...

Rockman 2 revival RIPdeadpcb
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Rockman 2 revival
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