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 The multi AV NES 2

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The multi AV NES 2 Empty
PostSubject: The multi AV NES 2   The multi AV NES 2 EmptyThu Jan 26, 2012 1:13 pm

The rgb modified nes 2 has equally as clean video as the rgb modified av famicom. The difference? The nes 2 didn't come with a multi av port unless you have some extremely rare version of the console......so I decided to add my own. Luckily the back plates from the nes 2 and av famicom are compatible. I got the back plate off of an av famicom by just desoldering the dc adapter jack. Then I carefully removed the plate without needing to remove the multi av port from the av famicom. I desoldered a multi av port from my snes 2 which I rarely use (I'll throw another multi av port in later when I get one).

For the nes 2 I had to desolder the entire rf box, and I also needed to desolder the ac jack. I wasn't able to get the nes 2 rf box out until I desoldered the ac jack and removed the entire back plate.

The problem with the nes 2 is there's really no space for the multi av port wires. You could drill holes through the large ground area where the rf box used to be but that's a bit of a pain. I removed some plastic from the side of the multi av that was getting in the way of the heatsink. Then I carefully bent the multi av pins until they stuck out the back. I wired up the pins as flat as possible and ran them over top of the multi av port. It's very important that the wires are flat against the back of the port and flat along the top otherwise the top half of the case won't close properly. On the other side of the plate there was enough space to route all the wires underneath the pcb and from there I could have the wires go anywhere. Here's some pictures:

The multi AV NES 2 Caselessback2

The multi AV NES 2 Caselessback

The multi AV NES 2 Caselesstop

The multi AV NES 2 Caseback

It took me a couple of tries to get everything perfect. There's very little space to work with so you have to make sure that the wires are nice and flat. All the video connections are wired into the header which is wired up for the rgb kits I install. I stuck a rgb kit into this system and it works perfectly through the multi av port. I'll wire up audio later (it's only 2 more wires).
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The multi AV NES 2
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