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 Capcom CPS2 Arcade Board Conversions

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Capcom CPS2 Arcade Board Conversions Empty
PostSubject: Capcom CPS2 Arcade Board Conversions   Capcom CPS2 Arcade Board Conversions EmptyThu Aug 08, 2013 10:31 pm

Lately I decided to look into arcade rom board conversions and how difficult it is.  It turns out that the capcom cps2 rom board is probably the easiest arcade board out there to convert.  All cps2 rom board pcbs are the same, and every single maskrom on the pcb is 100% eprom compatible.  Changing rom size requires soldering some jumpers, here's the jumper guide:


This may seem complicated but trust me when it comes to arcade pcb conversions this is as easy as it gets.

Done so far:

Removed all maskroms / eproms from a x-men children of the atom pcb.
Dumped the maskrom chip data using my eprom dumper with the dumper set to the same sized eprom.
Compared my rom dumps to the mame dumps using a crc program and they're 100% identical so this proves the maskroms on the pcb are eprom compatible.
Redid the solder jumpers.

What's left to do:

Wait for a truckload of eproms to show up.  Strangely the 32mbit 27c322 is cheaper than the 16mbit 27c160, maybe because the 27c160 can work in both 8bit and 16bit mode?

Burn new eproms, install, play.

I'm fairly confident this will work.  Of course to make this happen I'm going to have to use the phoenix edition roms by razoola.  A big thankyou to razoola for making these special versions. Since the 27c322 is cheaper I'm hoping I can use 27c322s for the 16mbit qsound slots just by doubling the image that I burn to the chips.
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Capcom CPS2 Arcade Board Conversions
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