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 Reviving a bricked wiikey fusion

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Reviving a bricked wiikey fusion Empty
PostSubject: Reviving a bricked wiikey fusion   Reviving a bricked wiikey fusion EmptyFri Aug 09, 2013 9:21 am

I perma bricked my wiikey fusion many times. Download this:


Read the text file thoroughly. You need to download the program dd and if you do it right you'll make a sd card that will restore your wiikey fusion back to 1.2.

Here's the link to download "dd":


I renamed the restore file in that first link to just wkf.iso

I'm using windows xp, in a dos prompt I go to the folder with dd and wkf.iso (I put them both in the root because I'm lazy). I type in "dd --list" to get a list of drives to find my sd card device. Here's what I get:

Reviving a bricked wiikey fusion RYCZYpH

No problemo. Drive "f" on my computer is my sd card. So I next type this:

dd if=wkf.iso of=\\?\Device\Harddisk1\Partition0 bs=1M

if means probably "input file" and of "output file".

Typing this made my sd card able to restore the bricked wiikey fusion every time. The letter "M" at the end of the command line is case sensitive, I'm not sure if anything else is but that's exactly how I typed it. Don't bother trying to browse your sd card after it's done dd will kill the format of the drive. Drop it into your wiikey fusion sd slot, boot the machine up, hit the switch if you need to do that, but trust me, it'll restore your system.
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Reviving a bricked wiikey fusion
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