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 Gameboy / Gameboy Color flash solutions.

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Gameboy / Gameboy Color flash solutions. Empty
PostSubject: Gameboy / Gameboy Color flash solutions.   Gameboy / Gameboy Color flash solutions. EmptyTue Aug 13, 2013 1:11 pm

I've built and bought currently the best ways to play flash stuff on the original gameboy and gameboy color.  Here's as far as I can tell the best available options:

Gameboy / Gameboy Color flash solutions. LFlada2

On the far left is my devcart, building this thing takes a lot of work / parts.

The devcart uses a real nintendo mbc5 chip, all games run without modification.
Games can be changed on the go.

Using a game above 8mbit (only gbc games are this big) requires a bulky adapter.
This devcart is big and if it wasn't I would have to flash it every time I wanted to change games.
Only one save stored at a time since it uses the real hardware.

Next in the middle is the GB USB Smart Card 64M flashcart.

Smaller, around the size of your average gb / gbc cartridge.
Can store multiple games.

Can only hold one save at a time by default.
The hardware isn't authentic so certain games have to be patched otherwise they'll crash.

I included in this picture my gba ez-flash IV because it's what I imagine a krikzz flashcart would be like.  The ez-flash IV loads games from a mini sd card into a ram chip.  If the game is massive then it's loaded into a flash chip instead.  The ez-flash IV can store as many savegames as I like.

EZ-Flash IV carts sell out like hot cakes, so obviously there's a market here.  Imagine krikzz had a solution like the EZ-Flash IV for the original gameboy / gameboy color, I'm sure it would be very popular.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and enjoy some custom romhacks running on the gb usb smart card to show another advantage of having a flashcart:

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Gameboy / Gameboy Color flash solutions.
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