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 Final Fantasy 6 mini hacks

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Final Fantasy 6 mini hacks Empty
PostSubject: Final Fantasy 6 mini hacks   Final Fantasy 6 mini hacks EmptySat Aug 09, 2014 12:03 am

Since I've been working on a final fantasy 6 msu-1 hack I decided to fix everything about the game that always bothered me.  With ff6 the parts of the game that you don't control what's happening always bothered me and made certain characters, weapons and attacks too annoying for me to bother using.  I've been reading documents on the internet about the programming of the game and using a combination of existing hacks and my own hacking to fix everything I felt like changing.  It seems that all the programming parts of the rom have been dissassembled here with comments:


Here's what's been done so far:

1: The original japanese title screen has been restored thanks to this amazing hack:


2: The coliseum lets you choose your attacks thanks to this hack:


3: The Zantetsuken / Scimitar no longer randomly does the one-hit kill attack.  That random attack always bothered me because it doesn't work on a lot of enemies.  I disabled this after I found the Scimitar code here:


4: Edgar's Chainsaw tool no longer randomly does a one-hit kill attack.  I found the code for it here:


I changed it so there's still a 25% chance of getting the one hit kill animation but I disabled the attack so you randomly get a different animation but it effects enemies as the regular chainsaw attack.

I always avoided using the chainsaw and the scimitar because of that annoying random one-hit kill attack they both do.

5: Sabin's blitzes no longer require button combinations and are now selectable from a menu thanks to this amazing "menu blitz" patch:


When you download the file the it comes with the assembly file so you can read the programming.  After reading the document I was able to figure out where the targeting code for blitzes is so I added the ability to choose which enemy your blitz attack hits.  Some of the blitz button combinations are just too tedious to bother attempting on a regular basis.  It was a cool idea, but the menu is fun too and makes the more frustrating blitzes more accessible.  I just came across a bug with this hack it messes up stealing people's clothes during that scene with locke.  Hmm..

*edit* it took a lot of reprogramming but I fixed the bug.

6: Mog's dance command now resets every round so you're not stuck doing the same dance until the end of a fight thanks to this hack:


7: Gau's rage attack resets every turn so now you can choose what attack Gau does thanks to the "controllable rage" patch found here:


Rage command dissassembly is here:


Gau code for blanking out the leap menu command here:


I further hacked the game so that when you're not on the veldt instead of replacing the "leap" command with nothing it replaces it with the "fight" command.  I set rage to automatically do the special attack.  This way when it's gau's turn I can select either fight or special attack myself (unless I'm on the veldt in which case I can only do special attacks).

Targeting value legend:

Note: Some targeting data seems to be undocumented.  I didn't make this list, I can't find the link of where I got this from:

First half of byte:
1x: Auto-accept default selection
2x: Multiple selection possible
4x: Enemy selected by default
8x: Random selection among all enemies and allies

Second half of byte
x1: Affects single ally or enemy        
x2: Affects enemies or allies only      
x4: Affects all allies and enemies      
x8: Affects all allies or all enemies  


Set the cursor to target a single enemy after you select your blitz you set the target value to: 41
Set the cursor to target yourself after you select your blitz you set the target value to: 02
Set the cursor to target all the enemies after you select your blitz you set the target value to: 6A

Note: Changing the blitz targeting values doesn't seem to let you select your target unless you have applied the above "menu blitz" patch.

Blitz targeting locations:

047A4D = pummel
047A4E = aurabolt
047A4F = suplex
047A50 = fire dance (6A, leave it alone)
047A51 = mantra (02, leave it alone)
047A52 = air blade (6A, leave it alone)
047A53 = spiraler (02, leave it alone)
047A54 = bum rush

Changing the target value for pummel, aurabolt, suplex or bum rush to 41 makes it so you can decide which enemy you blitz when you use the "menu blitz" hack!

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Posts : 1607
Join date : 2012-01-25
Location : Canada

Final Fantasy 6 mini hacks Empty
PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 6 mini hacks   Final Fantasy 6 mini hacks EmptySun Aug 10, 2014 10:27 am

As people are probably aware, in ff6 when you're not on the veldt gau's leap command blanks out.  I found the code for the blanking out of the menu command here:


Under "C2/543E leap entry"

I found where it replaces the command with "empty" and changed it to replace the command with "fight".
Now when Gau isn't on the veldt his leap command turns into fight which is pretty cool.

This particular menu replace is shared code also with the dance command.  I relocated the function to some free space and rewrote it so it only effects the leap command and leaves dance alone for my hack.
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Final Fantasy 6 mini hacks
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