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 Street Fighter 2 Arcade Conversion

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PostSubject: Street Fighter 2 Arcade Conversion   Street Fighter 2 Arcade Conversion EmptyTue Mar 13, 2012 1:28 am

Since I finally got my hands on a working eprom burning setup I decided to have a little fun with my various street fighter 2 arcade boards. I've seen videos posted by other people where they converted their sf2 champion edition arcade boards to turbo and to certain hacked versions. I figure if you can convert a champion edition board to turbo and / or a hacked version just by changing 2-3 eproms...wouldn't you be able to convert a turbo pcb to champion edition and / or one of the compatible hacks? I have this very cheap street fighter 2 turbo arcade pcb I bought (45$ shipped fully working and official capcom hardware) that I felt like attempting to convert into the rainbow edition rom hack.

First before burning / erasing anything I decided to test this out by swapping roms from the game zips in my favourite cps1 emulator just to see if this theory would work. The street fighter 2 turbo rom pack has a bunch of duplicate roms of the champion edition romset....I copied all of these champion edition roms into the turbo rom pack and only left the 21, 22, and 23 turbo roms intact. Then I loaded this soup of roms into my cps1 emulator and it ran fine and still was sf2 turbo so that proves that sf2 turbo uses the same roms as champion edition except for 21 22 and 23. Doing this proved that if it's possible to upgrade champion edition to a hacked version by replacing those three roms then upgrading turbo to the hacked version would also only require me to change these three roms around.

Since I wanted to convert my turbo pcb into rainbow edition I took a look at the rainbow edition dumps, rainbow set 1 and 3 seem to play identically, except I think in rainbow set 1 you can teleport which is a bit annoying. Rainbow set 2 is nothing like sets 1 and 3 and it's nowhere near as fun. Both rainbow sets 1 and 3 only replace the 22 and 23 roms meaning that the 21 rom should theoretically be the 21 dump from champion edition since people have only converted champion edition pcbs into rainbow from what I found on the internet. I copied the 22 and 23 roms from rainbow set 1 into my champion edition zip but the game wouldn't run. I compared the champion edition 22 and 23 roms to the rainbow ones in a hex editor and they were byte swapped. I un-byte-swapped the roms and then the game got to the loading screen but still didn't boot right. Since rainbow set 3 is basically identical to rainbow set 1 (and even better without the teleportation) I decided to try copying the rainbow set 3 roms over the champion edition roms instead. This worked perfectly in an emulator so the next step was to try it on real hardware.

I removed the c board from my sf2 turbo pcb, removed the 21, 22 and 23 eproms, and blanked all three eproms. I burned the 21 eprom with the 21 image from the champion edition romset. I burned the 22 and 23 eproms with the images found in the rainbow set 3 zip. Luckily mame roms don't include any headers so assuming they're pcb compatible dumps all you need to do is unzip them and burn and you're good to go. I plugged all three eproms back into the pcb, re-inserted the c board, plugged the board into my supergun, turned it on, and wouldn't you know....I had myself a sf2 rainbow set 3 arcade pcb.

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PostSubject: Re: Street Fighter 2 Arcade Conversion   Street Fighter 2 Arcade Conversion EmptyTue Jan 14, 2014 11:05 pm

now that's some awesome info

so for CE users and not Turbo

all I need to do is burn 22 and 23 chips and im good to go
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Street Fighter 2 Arcade Conversion
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