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A forum to show appreciation and respect for classic video game systems and games. Whether you're a modder, a programmer, or just a collector, this forum is about appreciating classic games and systems in a constructive community environment.
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 Forum users who've really helped me with my work

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Forum users who've really helped me with my work Empty
PostSubject: Forum users who've really helped me with my work   Forum users who've really helped me with my work EmptyWed May 16, 2012 11:09 am

Here's a list of forum users who were very friendly and helpful. All of these guys taught me valuable information that helped me create a lot of my mods. You can nicely ask any of these guys for help as they all know what they're talking about

Ziggy587 from the racketboy forum


Why Ziggy is awesome: He's very friendly and taught me a lot of great information regarding dumping of roms and building reproduction carts

Tiido Priim├Ągi "TmEE" from the sega16 forum


Why Tiido is awesome: He taught me how to properly desolder surface mount chips. He created the amazing sega genesis model 2 crystal clear audio mod. He found me what chips to use to build my clock signal dividing circuit in my rgb nes. He found out the exact hardware specs on the different sega genesis everdrive flash carts. He's built all kinds of custom hardware and understands the hardware better than most people.

Robivy64 from youtube


Why Robivy64 is awesome: He came up with the idea of using a four pin crystal oscillator in superfx carts and was vey helpful when I asked questions. Thanks to his idea I designed an overclock circuit that works on all superfx carts.
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Forum users who've really helped me with my work
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