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 Esper dream 2 english famicom cart

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Esper dream 2 english famicom cart Empty
PostSubject: Esper dream 2 english famicom cart   Esper dream 2 english famicom cart EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 8:28 pm

This's the next project in a series of related projects which I like to call "project awesome nes audio!".

Basically there's a bunch of famicom games that came with extra audio chips inside the carts since the famicom has the circuit to mix in audio but the nes doesn't. The nes powerpak (and probably any other flash cart) do reproduce these audio chips but they're never a 100% reproduction you can always hear the difference. Therefore I've decided to go out and buy these famicom carts and convert as many of them as I can to english so I can get the 100% perfect audio experience. Obviously I'm only going to translate games that need it (rpgs). I discovered that there's a fun looking japanese rpg for the famicom called "esper dream 2". Esper dream 2 has a fully playable english fanslation patch floating around the internet and the cart uses the wonderful konami vrc6 audio chip. Finding esper dream 2 was kinda odd, I had to do an ebay global search and order esper dreams from holland and france since american ebay didn't have any copies.

One of my very cheap esper dream 2 carts showed up today, I tested it, the cart runs fine. I opened the cart, desoldered the maskroms, soldered in precision sockets temprarily just to be sure I have the eprom wiring right before hard soldering:

Esper dream 2 english famicom cart Ed2socketed

I'm still waiting on eproms I ordered to show up since this's my first real venture into making any form of a nes / famicom reproduction. Luckily these japanese konami pcbs the maskroms seem to be standard eprom wiring. I stuck the maskroms into my eprom burner, dumped the images, the crcs of the dumped roms are identical to the ones of the gamerom floating around the internet. Theoretically with this pcb I can just burn the game roms, drop in the eproms and it should run.
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Esper dream 2 english famicom cart
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