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 Gimmick! Easy Edition Romhack

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PostSubject: Gimmick! Easy Edition Romhack   Gimmick! Easy Edition Romhack EmptyWed Jan 01, 2014 10:55 pm


In this version of gimmick! for the famicom you start with 15 health blocks and 20 lives.  Those numbers can easily change I just haven't bothered tweaking what values are balanced.  Since gimmick only draws up to four health blocks I hacked the "lives" number to display the number of health blocks remaining when you get hit or when you pick up some health.  When the stage starts the "lives" number displays the number of lives remaining, it only changes to how much health is remaining when you get hit or pick up health.  Point based one-ups are disabled, I could probably have kept that I just left it out because I re-wrote a lot of the code for updating the lives number.  Point based one-ups aren't necessary since I changed the number of lives you start with.  I disabled the game checking if you collected the secret items so you get the hidden final stage even if you didn't get any of the hidden items.  When the true last boss dies the explosion sprites display the wrong tiles, I find this entertaining.  The above video is recorded from a real av famicom with a viletim nesrgb kit, my reworked audio circuit, and a real sunsoft 5b gimmick cartridge with the prg rom socketed so I can play gimmick hacks.
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Gimmick! Easy Edition Romhack
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