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 My repaired digital camera AC adapter

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My repaired digital camera AC adapter Empty
PostSubject: My repaired digital camera AC adapter   My repaired digital camera AC adapter EmptyThu Jan 26, 2012 11:48 am

The AC adapter for my digital camera completely stopped working. Now just a reminder to people fixing something like this is very dangerous since there's 120v going through this thing. I don't suggest that you try something like this unless you REALLY know what you're doing.

Anyway I opened up the ac adapter and took a look at the pcb. Some traces were bubbled and one capacitor the traces had broken apart on its pins because of the bubbling/trace damage. I fixed the traces and surrounded the repair job in hot glue. I think the reason it had this damage was because the outlet plug pins weren't fixed into the adapter they could rotate and would only connect at a certain angle. I think the pins would sometimes lose connection or not have a good connection causing damage to the traces.

The next step is I took a power bar that had blown a while back and cut the ac cord off. I used my probe to determine which wires connection to which pins. I didn't need the round 3rd ground prong so I broke it off. This ac adapter both pins were the same size so I knew it's safe to plug it in either way. After I found the right pins I permanently soldered the correct wires into the ac adapter and now it works great again.

Here's the adapter after I finished repairing and testing it:

My repaired digital camera AC adapter Acadapterfixedlol

And here's the adapter after I built a case around it:

My repaired digital camera AC adapter Casebuilt

Glad I fixed this because without my camera I can't take pictures/videos of my work Crying or Very sad
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My repaired digital camera AC adapter
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