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 Arcade supergun needs more powerrrrrrrrr

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PostSubject: Arcade supergun needs more powerrrrrrrrr   Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:01 am

So I built an arcade supergun that's based on a cheap vogatek board that I bought aeons ago (and modded the crud out of). The vogatek gets power using an atx power connector (the connector that you connect the atx psu into a computer motherboard with). Some games weren't getting enough power and were resetting (grr). I checked the power ratings on the power supply I'm using, it outputs a LOT of amps, however it doesn't say if the 5v / 12v lines are tied into the same source or if the amps are divided among all the different molex connectors. So I did what any crazy modder would do. I took an atx extension cord, a hdd molex extension cord, and tied together 5v, 12v, and ground. Sure enough, all my arcade boards run great. It seems the amps on my power supply are divided between the different plugs (guess that makes sense) so tieing them together gives you enough power.
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Arcade supergun needs more powerrrrrrrrr
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