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 The development cart (dev cart)

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The development cart (dev cart) Empty
PostSubject: The development cart (dev cart)   The development cart (dev cart) EmptyThu Jan 26, 2012 11:55 am

Decided to build myself a cart with a socket so you can change the rom or rom wiring. The duck tales 2 repro was having all sorts of different issues on my rgb system so I wanted to build something that would let me quickly change wiring and see if there's a way to make repro carts more compatible. Therefore I present you with....the dev cart!

The development cart (dev cart) Devcartfront

The development cart (dev cart) Devcartback

It fully works. Right now I have a metal gear rom sitting in there that I desoldered from another metal gear pcb. The wires reconnect traces that got broken during desoldering. This particular pcb is poorly designed which is why I had to re-route traces. The metal gear pcb I desoldered this rom from was a much better type of pcb I managed to desolder the rom with no damage in about 2 minutes from the other pcb.
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The development cart (dev cart)
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